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It is a well-known fact that reading is necessary for children in order to allow them to build their vocabulary skills, critical thinking skills and their imagination. Books have the ability to change lives, perspectives or just allow us to entertain ourselves. Apparently, if you are a lover of books and have them in your home, you are giving your kids a huge advantage. There is now a study that claims that there is a link between the amount of books you are surrounded by, and how well you will do in school. 

In 2014, the University of Nevada conducted a study that led to this amazing discovery. Apparently if you come from a home with a large amount of books, you will do better in school. This was found to be true among all classes of people no matter the genders or country. In fact, it was found that this was especially true for low income households, although they tended to have fewer books, each book that was added benefitted those more than higher income households. "Regardless of how many books the family already has, each addition to the home library helps children do better (in school). Each additional book has a greater impact on the performance of someone who had only a small home library than it does on the performance of someone from a home overflowing with books,” stated the researchers.

Because of this new discovery, a new program called Open eBooks has been created to make books readily available to families of all income levels. This program is part of President Obama’s initiative to bring educational materials and internet to children all across the nation. It will have more than $250 million worth of e-books for children in need at no cost. Quite a few major publishers have gotten on board with this program, meaning there will be a variety of highly acclaimed literature. An e-reader is being created by the New York Public Library. This app, similar in style to iBooks, will be available at libraries, schools and after school programs. It is created to be like a handheld library, and all books are meant for school age children, from kindergarten all the way to high school seniors.

Every single book will be absolutely free to borrow. Although not everyone has access to the devices needed to access the app, it was found that 85% of those who have kids between 6 and 13, and live below the poverty line, own a tablet or smartphone. Obama’s plan is attempting to make it so children will be able to borrow these items from libraries and schools and making it easier to gain access to Wi-fi. These e-books are not meant to make kids turn away from physical copies of books, but instead aloe those parents who cannot afford to purchase books still have reading material for their children. If you are interested in learning more about this program, more information is provided at the Open eBooks official website. 

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