Female Student At Colombia University Carries Around Mattress For Project

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Emma Sulkowicz, a senior at Colombia University in New York has gained massive media attention for her project that highlights a controversial topic: Sexual Assault on College campuses. It is alleged that this student has had her own experiences with sexual abuse as well as many friends who have had issues. This is a frightening epidemic on college campuses worldwide.

Emma vows to carry around a mattress, much like the one she was raped on, everyday of the rest of her enrollment, so long as her alleged rapist is allowed to attend the University. She identifies the man who raped her to be the same man accused of assault by two other women. It is sad that this day in age more people are outraged by this peaceful protesting behavior than are at the boy who has carried out these heinous crimes.

This idea was adopted by several other students who decided to carry several mattresses in front of the Ivy League school's Alma Mater statue. “Carry That Weight” and “CU Has A Rape Problem” was printed on the red tape, which covered some mattresses. It is uplifting to see other students step out in support of such an obviously brave young women. Many times when young women have experiences with sexual assault the shame keeps them from coming out about their story.

We are sure her professor will find her to be deserving of a passing grade because her idea is unique, captivating, and tackles a real issue. Additionally it takes great courage to broadcast ones personal encounter with sexual assault. Sulkowicz is one of 23 students who filed federal complaints against the University in April.

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