Extraordinary Founder of The Pajamas Program Wins A Trip On JetBlue

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Every human must have the right to have a good night sleep. It is usually the little things in life that we take for granted. Having food, water and the clothes on our backs. Sad to say, thousands of children in the United States alone, do not have the privilege of having clean clothes, especially one to wear to go to sleep at night. 

Children in group homes, shelters or temporary housing facilities, often find themselves with soiled clothing and that usually leads to a horrible night's sleep. Many of these children have been abandoned, abused, neglected, or in desperate need of food, clothing and shelter. The Pajama Program, which was founded by Genevieve Piturro, 38, in 2001, believes that all children should have fresh, clean, proper pajamas to go to bed at night.

The Pajama Program collects new pajamas and bedtime story books. It may not seem like a grand gesture but sometimes knowing that someone out in the world cares, is through the simplest gestures. The pajama is a silent symbol of love, comfort and warmth, especially when a child had suffered the cold and neglect or worse, abused. Story books may seem useless by many people, well, it is a way to take the children's mind of the harsh reality of life and the horrendous poor choices that irresponsible adults make. A short escape from reality can sometimes be what a child needs to pull them out of the deep dark hole that they were chucked in.

It all dawned upon Genevieve to start The Pajama Program after she stopped to catch her breath from the grueling rat race that we all find ourselves in.

“All of a sudden, I was so busy running up the ladder,” said Piturro. “And I thought, ‘Am i missing something important in life?’”

After the success of The Pajama Program and adding to a grand total of 4 million pajamas donated, Genevieve could not be happier. All she ever wanted was to give a child a safe place, a warm bath, fresh warm pajamas and goodnight story.

And just when you think that karma do not exist, you thought wrong, Genevieve is a proud winner of the #SleepRevolution, a flight from New York to Las Vegas with JetBlue.

Yes, we all agree that she deserves it. Enjoy your flight!

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