Ex-NFL Player Gives Away 150 Homes And No One Notices

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You may not know much about Warrick Dunn but he had a very impressive NLF career after being an all-star running back for Florida State University. Dunn was first drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1997 and ended his career with the Atlanta Falcons in 2007, but it is what Warrick has done off the field that is truly changing the lives of over 150 families so far and many more to come.

Sadly Warrick's mother, Betty Smothers, who worked for the Baton Rouge Police Department, was tragically and unexpectedly killed during an off duty shift just when Dunn was a young teenager. Her life long wish was to be a home owner and she never got the chance to realize that dream. Dunn is now making that dream come true for so many people in honor of his late mother.

Dunn's charity is called "Home for the Holidays" and he helps disadvantaged single mothers achieve home ownership for herself and her children. As of this year, they have reached that goal of providing homes for 150 families and are continuing to raise that number.

"I know that [my mother] sacrificed her life for us — the six of us. I know she's proud. She's proud of the fact that I hadn't gone crazy. I hadn't gone down the wrong path, that I've done something positive with my life."

Although Warrick was impressive on the field, what he is doing now is nothing short of astonishing. The amazing thing about all this is that Dunn has never been recognized for his good deeds and he doesn't expect to, he is truly humble. Being a role model for his community and setting a fantastic example as to what other retired NFL players should strive to become.

Watch this video of Warrick Dunn discussing his mother and his Home For The Holidays program. 

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