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It actually takes some effort to become a hero. You may not think that way but it's the truth. It's not every day that you get named "hero" and that you've done that good of a deed that you get recognized for it. You don't just do something small, you actually change a life, save a life, you go over and above to be called a hero. These men and women deserve the title, no doubt about it.

It's not every day that you get held up by gunpoint or that someone tries to run you off the road, it's not every day that someone tries to help you before you fall or get hurt. It's kindness, it's people who care, it's firefighters that save your life from burning alive in your apartment or the paramedics that come resuscitate you, it's the police man who pulled you over because your brake lights aren't working and could have saved you from getting rear ended. It's someone who wants to jump off a building and saves you. It's when people come together to save a fallen animal.

It's not every day that you are called a hero, right? you have a life altering thing happen and you can't see yourself living one more day so you want to jump off a bridge but 2 guys come running up and save your life, you may not thank them at the time but believe me, you will thank them. Helping an animal, it's helping someone who's car is on fire, it's helping that old lady who falls or that kid who runs out in the middle of the street. You save them. Authorities save them. Random people save them. It's amazing when a stranger can save you from harm. Thank you will never be enough, believe me.

It's not every day that you meet someone who will do such a kind thing to you. It's not every day that you are called a hero but when you do something over and above, when you do something to save a life or to prevent someone or something from harm, you are a hero. Accept the praise, you deserve it. The next time you get a chance, you will do it all over again, I know you will. What have you done that you gained that name "hero?"

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Amy Haren


Amy comes from a family of literary geniuses. Her mother and father were published many times in many different publications throughout the world for not only their stories but their photos. Growing up reading the stories her parents wrote, Amy fell in love with animals and travel. She travels when she can and usually heads for the jungles or oceans.