Eight Year Old Autistic Boy Performs An Awesome Rendition Of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

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An eight year old autistic boy was recently recorded when breaking down doing the Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ dance in the middle of his afternoon stroll. The video was captured by a store’s surveillance camera, showing William Ryan walking down the seafront with his Mom and heard obviously, one of his favorite songs and couldn’t help but breaking down dancing.

The boy wanted to take the opportunity to be public with his dance so he asked his mom to wait until he was done showing off his moves! He then, went on into the most well-known routines, clapping, twisting, doing the moonwalk, in a great rendition of the song’s original dance.

His dance drew many people’s attention while they stopped and watched a few of them who were untying a boat, had to stop and watch the boy. 

Holiday leasing firm, Aspect Holidays, posted the video on Facebook and got a lot of attention off of it. They congratulated William on his moves and named him the winner of a “half-term video challenge.” Since then, William has been rewarded with lots of goodies, a gift card and a holiday package from the company.

Gemma Ryan, mother of William, said her son was diagnosed with autism at just 5 years old and loved Michael Jackson and taught himself the dance to ‘Thriller’ and loves all of Michael Jackson’s other songs too. “Even though he’s very sociable, he still struggles to communicate with kids his age, but his dancing is what gives him his identity,” Gemma said. 

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