Daughers Last Wish For Her Father Who Is Dying

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Nakeol who is only 10 years old could not bare the thought that her father would not be around to walk her down the isle when she gets married one day. Her father, who is suffering from COPD is near the last of his days with her. So, her family was able to arrange a special ceremony for her, all dressed in white, her dad in a tux, she promised to save herself for a godly man. Her wish was able to come partially true with help from her family.

I cannot imagine what this little girl is feeling. It saddens me to think that she is losing her father at such a young age and to be this strong, to be able to have this ceremony with her father, in his condition is amazing. It is so heartbreaking to see someone suffer this way, it's so sad that we are not able to have more cures for such horrible diseases. 10 years old she is, just 10 years old, watching her father in this condition, can you imagine? 

What a precious moment this is, to be able to have this moment, to think about this at this young age, it's a blessing as hard as it is to even watch. What a beautiful thing for this little girl, something she will never forget. Watch how her father looks at her, such in 'aw' and pure love. I can't get over 10 years old being this strong. I feel for her. The kiss. OMG I lost it. 

Talk about a tear jerker, seriously. I am so sad for these people, for this father to know he won't see his daughter grow up, get married, become a mother. For this girl to loose her father so young, to not have him for the rest of her life. This ceremony brought tears to my eyes, the kiss, their little talk at the end, how incredibly precious. What an amazing memory for the both of them. God bless!

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