Cornell Accepts A 12-Year-Old College Freshman

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Going to college is something that a lot of young people look forward to. It can be a life altering experience and makes for incredible experiences down the road. This year a 12-year-old kid will enter college as a freshman. He will be the youngest kid to enter this particular university for full time classes. 

This kid is a genius and before he learned how to walk he was reading books in both English and Korean. Cornell is lucky to have him in attendance, but there will be social challenges for this boy wonder. His parents are extremely proud of his accomplishments and are planning on hearing a lot of success stories from his time at Cornell as a student (where he will enroll and start this year). Cornell is a prestigious institution that has a few high profile alumni. 

Due to his age, Jeremy Shuler is supposed to be in middle school. He is going to be the youngest Ivy League student on record. Jeremy is the child of two extremely gifted aerospace engineers. He and his family live in Grand Prairie, Texas and Jeremy applied to Cornell while living there. He placed in the elite levels of both the SAT and Advanced Placement tests in the subjects of math and science at age 10 and his intellectual clout showed that he was ready for college, skipping high school altogether. His parents were ready to move to Ithica to support his intellectual pursuits and Jeremy’s father, Andy Shuler transferred his work in order to make a stable environment for his young son. He will be working in upstate New York to be closer to his son. Jeremy is very much still a child, even though his intellect puts him past many people twice his age.

Cornell is an Ivy League institution with a proven track record of success. Jeremy says that he will miss his friends from Texas, but is excited for the road ahead. He says that many of his friends are from his math clubs and he is convinced he will be able to find more like-minded people to hang out with on the highly intellectual Cornell campus. 

As a five-year-old Jeremy completed Lord of The Rings and Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics without any help. He skipped kindergarten and his parents were a little worried about his social skills, but he proved to be very social in extracurricular activities like Math Circle, his math camp. He just needs people with similar interests. Jeremy plans to keep learning and plans on pursuing a masters in Engineering from Cornell, and possibly a couple of doctorate degrees. Though pressures for drinking and sex may come up, Jeremy will be living with his parents and avoiding most of the pitfalls of college entirely. This might not be the best experience for him, but as a 12-year-old it would be ludicrous to keep him in a dormitory, any parent would think that.

Jeremy is a genius, and his social skills are progressing and though he is not just any 12-year-old, he is definitely on an incredible path. 

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