Cop Gives A Gift Instead of A Ticket

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We've all been there. Getting stopped by a cop for going a little bit too fast maybe at least once in our lives. Well, LaVonte Dell, Westland, Michigan, was no different. He was pulled over for having tinted windows and in the back of his vehicle, his 3-year-old daughter, Lauren, wasn't in a car seat. Dell was nervous but simply explained to the cop that times were hard for him and his family and he simply couldn't afford one. 

“When he hit the lights, I did what probably everybody would do. Heart dropped. Went to my stomach,” said Dell.

The police officer, now identified as Officer Joshua Scaglione, surprised Dell by not giving a ticket and instead, took him to Walmart and went shopping for one. When he bought a car seat for Dell's daughter, he was extremely moved and decided that this gesture was worth mentioning on his social media. He shared his story and his post went viral.

When he finally found the officer again, he was extremely happy.

“You know, a ticket doesn’t help all the time. I’ve been in a tough situation like this guy before,” said Scaglione. “I figured it’d be better to help him out and just raise more awareness about car safety rather than give him a ticket that would dig him deeper in a hole and make things worse for him.”

“If you would have seen us in Walmart, you would have thought we were best friends,” wrote Dell on his Facebook post.

Officer Scaglione bought a pretty car seat for Dell's daughter, one that was covered with butterflies and in Lauren's favorite color, pink. Scaglione kept mum about his good deed but Dell felt otherwise. Given that cops had been given a bad reputation lately from various cop shooting cases, Dell felt that he needed to shine a light on a different side of cops. 

When the department found out about Scaglione's amazing good deed, they were extremely proud and honored.

“It is clear that his sole purpose was to assist the driver, not to receive recognition,” the department wrote in a Facebook post... “The Westland Police Department would like to express how proud we are of the officer responsible, Officer Joshua Scaglione.”

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