Company Floods Small Town With Gifts

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We all love coupons, right? How great is it that Retailmenot showered this small unfortunate town with a Christmas they could never have imagined having. A very small community, everyone has each others backs, everyone is one big family. Somewhere where we all wish we could be apart of, a small community, who deeply cares about one another.

They all speak so highly of each other. They all really do bring the meaning of Christmas. The meaning to give rather than receive. They are all so grateful for everything that they have received. They will never, ever forget this Christmas. From a new fridge to a trip to Disney, it's something incredible that Retailmenot did for this small community.

There should be more companies that give back like Retailmenot. They are all so successful, have more money than they know what to do with. They need to give back. Not only is it good marketing, it's good Karma. People need help and if you're able to help, do it. Pay it forward. Do something nice for your community. 

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Jessica Tripoli


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