Christmas Chance The Pit Puppy Gets A Second Chance

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Camille Germain was enjoying a lovely Christmas afternoon with friends and family. They had just finished Christmas dinner and were sitting on the back porch relaxing together. Little did they know what would happen next. Camille heard strange noises, like wheezing behind her. They all turned around to find out where it was coming from just as a white pit bull puppy walked to Camille from the open gate. The family was shocked to see the pups mouth bound tight with electrical tape as it stumbled over to them. Germain recalled, "He couldn't breathe through his mouth, but we didn't want to hurt him trying to take of the tape."

Thankfully, the pup came to the right place, because Germain and her guests rushed the last minute to the nearby emergency veterinarian. The staff, able to notice the signs of abuse, immediately notified the Michigan City Police Department. The pup was in a terrible situation. X-rays showed his hind legs were broken, his gums were oozing infected discharge as his mouth was taped shut for at least two days, he smelled of rot and his bones were showing through from malnourishment. He was in trouble. 

The veterinarian, Maggie Sharpe, contacted the Guardians of the Green Mile (GOTGM) and explained to the founder, Sherri Christopher, the pit bull's story. Maggie shared with Sherri that despite all that happened to the dog, he was such a good dog, comforted by the care he was receiving and wagging his tail like a sweet puppy. Sherri claimed responsibility for the payments and the thankful vet office proceeded in his treatment. "He's a little baby. How could somebody do that?" wondered Christopher. She was happy to be on board and so were the supporters of her foundation. They poured in donations after hearing the story.

Camille requested to name the puppy, Chance, because of the obvious - - he got a second chance walking in her yard that day. Then, Sherri added on "Christmas." The name stuck and the white, innocent boy was named, Christmas Chance. Christmas Chance had an overwhelming amount of requests to foster him through his recovery. It seems his story was a Christmas miracle, and he was eventually placed in a loving home. As for the person responsible for the abuse - - he was captured and charged. 

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