Chocolate Lab Brings Sunshine To Funeral Home

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The Duffield & Pastrick Family Funeral Home, Coloma, Michigan, try their hardest to ease the pain of those who walk through their doors, by using the special touch only a dog can give. Dogs are known to give out unexplained energies to humans to calm their down if they are angry, soothe them if they're ill and cheer them up if their mood is down.

Seger, 2, the happy-go-lucky Chocolate Labrador, was unsuccessful as a therapy dog, maybe perhaps because of his cheerfulness and zest for life. However, luckily for him, he found his niche in the funeral home. He wears his happiness proudly and greets everyone who attends a funeral in Duffield & Pastrick's.

Michael Pastrick and Bryan Duffield opened the funeral home three years ago. They wanted the place to feel like home.

"We can certainly do as much as we possibly can for the people that are left behind, to help them take the next few steps in their life to adjust." said Michael.

One of their customers, Joanne Stout, who lost her 21-year-old daughter recently, was grateful for Seger. It made the process of planning her daughter's funeral a little bit easier and Seger had indeed managed to cheer her family up.

"I wanted to plan a wedding, I wanted to plan going to college, I wanted to plan her first apartment, erm, I never thought at the age of 21, I'd be planning a funeral," said Joanne. "Having Seger around, really takes the stress off of things, you know, it's hard to be down when you got somebody wanting to play with you."

Another child, Nick Polaski, who was having a hard time dealing with the death of his grandfather, was eased off his sadness as soon as he started playing with Seger.

"It just takes the edge off of what you're going through," said his grandmother.

The owners of Duffield & Pastrick understand their customer’s woes and so does Seger. They are beyond glad and extremely thankful for Seger's ways of spreading joy in such a sad place. 

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