Children's Hospital Patients And Staff Put On A Show! 

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I can't tell you how much I love this!! This is so much fun, those incredible people that work in those hospitals deserve a day like this, it truly takes a special person to work with sick people and to top it off with sick children. These doctors, nurses, CNA's, they have a tough job, you have to appreciate what they are, who they are, what they do and how they care. Emotionally, physically and mentally draining every single day and they go to work with a smile on their face.

What a great video to do for the moral of your employees and to include these beautiful children, is wonderful!! I love this video so much! The children are having so much fun, in a place like this, it's a wonderful thing, they really need it! So much fun, love, spirit in this video, it's so awesome, I seriously cannot tell you how much this brings joy to my heart. 

These beautiful children and their situations make me so sad, it tugs at my heart and I don't even know them. I hear of a sick child and I get choked up. No one deserves to get cancer, no one deserves to die at such a young age but to be at a hospital like this is so inspirational for these children. Honoring the taken one of their signs said, gives me goose bumps. 

Staying positive is such a key element to healing, it cannot cure you but it does make a difference on how the outlook of life will be if you are ever in that situation. It's easier said than done. I've watched too many children die for what? I will never know. It's beyond sad but I love these children's hospitals and I give back to them often by donations. All Children's and St. Jude's are my favorites. 

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