California Photographer Reminds Us That The Homeless Are Still People

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Portraits through history have been a symbol of royalty, the famous and the wealthy. Portraits of different mediums have captured a moment of history. An artist from California named Aaron Draper believes art can do so much more than capture a moment in time.

Aaron Draper believes that art can change the world. He's a professor of photography at California Chico State. He has the belief that art, especially photography can be used more than being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. He believes that it can make a statement and be influential.

In light of his belief, he started a project. He began photographing homeless in his community. He started this project for his master thesis. He hoped that his work would shine light on the homeless problem we have spread among the United States. His project is so cleverly named “underexposed”.

His project is extremely motivating. He is using his artwork to make a positive impact in the world. Hopefully by choosing these subjects for his projects he can make a difference. Take a look at this video to see what he's aiming for. Take a moment to learn his motives and to see his beautiful artwork. 

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