British Soldiers Throw War Medals To The Floor In Disgust

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This powerful and moving video begins following British solders walk through the city. They pause in front of a crowd, it seems that they have praised in front of some sort of government building. The begin to address a crowd and they announce the are “Members of ex Veterans of Peace”. They announce that their group is composed of men and women who have served in every conflict since World War Two. At this point they have the crowds attention.

They continue to share their story and what the group stands for. They explain that they do not believe war is the solution to anything in the 21st century. They specifically came to give back things they were awarded during their time in the military that they no longer want or need. The audience at this point is not only engaged but curious to what these men will give back.

Each of the men return their oath of allegiance. They explain that it was contract they signed to pledge their allegiance to the government and the monarchy. Some of the men claimed that they signed the contract at age 15, not fully understanding what it was. None of the men want their contract and they claim that they are no longer bound by the contracts and toss them on the floor. Next, they toss in their army hats as they reject militarism aloud.

After tossing their contacts and army hats they move to their medals. Medals they were awarded, saying they represent the self interest of those in power. They claim that they are merely trinkets for invading foreign lands, killing civilians and capturing men for torture. They then very peacefully leave the crowd with their hats, metals and contracts on the floor. What strong powerful words against the horrors of war. 

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Edward Arroyo


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