Brave women defending Mexico from Cartels

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These brave women could be in some serious danger. The Cartels are no joke and they don't care. They are going to defend their country and do whatever it takes. These women are an inspiration, it's awesome to see so many come together, armed, ready to fight if they need to. This takes a lot of guts from these ladies.

The Cartel's don't mess around, they are dangerous people who don't let anyone or anything stop them. I hope that when they see these women and young children, they don't cause any harm. These women are just standing there protecting their country, on what they believe is right, the Cartels should just let it go.

Would you do something this dangerous? Stand up to the Cartels? Would you stand defending your country, armed? These women are more than brave, they are courageous, they are leaders, they are not scared to fight for what's right. Good for them! Their children have someone amazing to look up to!

It's not every day you run across people like this who will stand up for themselves. Especially in a dangerous situation. It's like they are forming their own little army and they are in the front lines. Older, younger, children, it doesn't matter, they are all there to make a statement. They are being heard!

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Amy Haren


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