Boy With Cancer Gets A Surprise For Halloween By These Local Police Officers

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Police officers came to surprise a little boy with cancer at the hospital this past week in Fresno, California. Aidan Nelson who is 11 years old, has been at the Valley Children’s Hospital for over 2 months with a tumor that is cancerous on his neck and it’s been diagnosed as terminal. Police officers from all over the city decided to surprise Aidan after his mom told them that the boy wanted to dress up as a police officer for Halloween.

The police officers did it big for Aidan, they came with a helicopter flying over them, police cars with their lights flashing and their sirens going for the boy, the officers arrived at the hospital for a surprise that Aidan will never forget! Bearing lots of gifts and love for Aidan, it was something he had always dreamt of. 

“It’s amazing what these officers did, they went out of their way and planned all of this, just for my son,” Elisha Nelson, mother of Aidan told reporters on scene. “He was so surprised, he typically doesn’t like surprises so he was anxious about what he was outside waiting for but when the police officers came around the corner, he couldn’t believe his eyes. ‘This is awesome’ he said to me, I thought they were just going to swing by and maybe give him a sticker or t-shirt, but they went all out,” she added.

Aidan definitely received a lot more than just a sticker or a t-shirt, these amazing officers gave him his very own Fresno police uniform and his own badge, so he is really one of them, for life! “I am so overwhelmed by the love and support that these officers have shown my son,” Elisha said. “I’m so grateful for everyone involved in this, I love my son so much and to see other people care for him and his life this much, totally melts my heart.”

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