Bless Our Finest

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I knew it, they’ll just as easily scream that there’s tension between the police and the public but this only flares up my hemorrhoids especially when you don’t hear anything good about our finest shown here in the opening sequence of amazing cop rescues.

The following clip I saw can only happen in a movie and thus cannot be real but it surely as heck looked real to me. I couldn’t make this up but there it is for your eyes only. The poor soul trapped under that cab must have had at least a dozen angels looking after him and those angels were cops from the 40th precinct of Mott Haven of the Bronx New York City. Our finest literally lifted that 3,800 lbs. taxi with their bare hands to safely lift out the victim. They wasted no time in realizing they had to act fast or Louis Velasquez probably would not have been here today. (I never did trust those nyc taxi drivers).

Let us move on and have a look at what else our protectors-saviors are up to, shall we? Officer Mike Meredith of the Palatka police department Florida didn’t have to buy a homeless man a brand new pair of shoes from payless, hey look it’s on video and I think that homeless man is grateful. (It pays to be kind to a stranger). Let us not forget for what we should be thankful for, bless you Officer Meredith.

Watching these videos I came to one conclusion and that these officers care about us and sometime go beyond their duties to help and save lives even if a poor misguided soul wants to end it all. It left me in tears to see the jumper hugging the officer after being rescued. I guess I’m a sucker for a warm hearted tale of the good guy coming to the rescue. We are not all perfect “good outweigh the bad” and sometimes we make mistakes, let us not condemn our saviors for if so than who shall protect us? Thank you officers and bless you all.

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