Animals Rescue Other Animals

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Animal Universe: Episode 1: Escape from the Grip of Death

Oookay, I don’t want to mean or something but are we sure Mr. Banana pants is trying to rescue his primate buddy but of course he is (“This is what happens when you cheat me out of my bananas” said the one monkey to the other). I’m sorry but I am not sure if I’m supposed to laugh or cry while watching this and as primitive as they may be, they sure do show some human traits such as compassion. But do they really share those same human qualities with us or was Mr. Monkey upset that his mate ate all of his bananas, they have feelings too like most of us humans . . . right?

Excuse the bluntness in me but where was animal control while that poor chap was getting this head banged around. Perhaps there is a lesson in all of this for us humans, do you see the importance of train safety. Well let’s move on and see what other important messages we can acquire from the “Animal Universe”.

Let’s move on to our next segment, hey can someone please rescue Dumbo he’s in need of a hand, trunk or something. You know what they say, it takes a whole village of elephants to uplift their young out from danger. Now that’s what I call a dignified rescue unlike those monkeys, that monkey can learn a thing or two from the Trunk family although the monkey’s approach in rescue operation “Bang your Head” was ultimately effected.

Now that’s a spectacular rescue, see what the elephants can accomplish when surrender is not in their dictionary (If Elephants had books . . . of course). When animals can take time out of their busy schedule to put the effort in caring for each other than maybe there is yet hope for all of us and perhaps this is the lesson, never give up and love your mates or one another.