Amazing Rescue Cat Earns Special Status in His Apartment Building

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If you happen to live on the ninth floor of MushMush the cat’s building, you can always expect a warm greeting as soon as you exit the elevator. This beautiful male orange tabby has earned himself the nickname “Mayor of the Ninth Floor”, courtesy of his neighbors in his building in the Bronx. MushMush has a tendency to greet you as soon as you step foot out of the elevator. His owner is Despina Goanos, and she had noticed that every time MushMush heard the elevator, he would begin to meow. So, she decided to let him out so he could say hello to everyone.

“He started greeting people and walking down the hall with them,” Goanos said. And MushMush’s propensity for greeting people has earned him lots of friends. “He has a very gentle soul,” Goanos said. “He’s very lovable, he’s extremely friendly, he loves everybody and he’s convinced he can make everybody love him.”

Sometimes, other residents in their building will come by MushMush’s apartment to bring him little gifts such as toys or balls to play with. For St. Patrick’s Day, Goanos’ neighbors even brought MushMush a green bow tie to wrap around his little ginger neck. But this amazingly sweet cat wasn’t always so lucky. MushMush, whose original name was Samson, belonged to an elderly woman who passed away in July and he ended up in New York City’s Animal Care and Control facility after her death. No one had adopted him within three weeks, and so he was placed on the euthanasia list. The Animal Care and Control center publishes their “at risk” list every day to try to get the attention of foster facilities, adopters and rescue groups so that they will take animals and save their lives. 

Enter Magnificat Rescue and Rehoming. This group is located in the Bronx and with their help, Samson was able to find a temporary foster home that saved his life. He ended up with a nurse from the Bronx who renamed Samson “MushMush” because she thought he was “the mushiest cat alive.” Then in February, Goanos contacted Magnificat Rescue looking for a feline friend to bring home. She was matched with MushMush and there he went to his forever home with Goanos.

The only issue the Goanos has had with the little feline is that he happens to be a little bit obsessed with his own reflection. “He keeps on trying to make friends with the red cat in the mirror,” Goanos said. “He’ll be... cooing to that other cat forever, and in the middle of the night I don’t want to hear that.” She has since fixed the issue, putting a sheet over her mirror, for now. I guess there could be worse things to complain about!

Lucky for MushMush, his story has a wonderfully happy ending. But not all homeless cats are as lucky as he was. There is an overwhelming need for adoptive families for cats and kittens. The shelters and rescues are becoming overrun with these stray and abandoned animals, especially in the summer. Summer months are not as popular for adoptions due to summer vacations. Also, the number of evictions tends to rise during the summer months, which forces many pet owners to abandon their animals. “I wish more people would ... not go to pet stores and just adopt from the shelters,” Goanos said. “It’s a horrible thing that so many healthy animals are being put down.”

If you are interested in adopting a wonderful pet like MushMush, make sure you check out your local shelters and rescues. Adopt, don’t shop!

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