Amazing Dog Helps Make Dentist Appointment A Relaxing One

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Whenever anyone hears the word "dentist", we usually scream in horror. The probes in sensitive areas you never knew existed, the scalers they use to remove plaque and tartar, and the worst of all, the drill. We know the trip to the dentist can be horrifying but to look at the brighter side of it, clean teeth and gums, means a healthier you. Plus, if you're an adult with children, you need to remain strong and put on a brave front, for the sake of your children. 

However, in Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook, Illinois, you have JoJo the golden retriever to help ease the process of being at the dentist with your children. JoJo, helps keep the patients calm and brings comfort to whoever that is in the clinic.

JoJo is a trained dog who specializes in comforting patients and those around her. She visits the dentistry for only once a month and the result of having her around had been tremendously helpful and successful.

“A lot of the patients who normally were very apprehensive about even walking in the door now look forward to their appointments,” said Veronica Renteria, a clinic staffer. “The moment you walk in, you feel very relaxed. There she is, waiting for you to pet her.”

For those who isn't allergic to dogs or not afraid of them, you can request for JoJo's presence during an appointment. Children are allowed to pet the dog while they are having their teeth examined. JoJo had been a very wonderful addition to the dentistry and the staff are also wary that not everyone likes the idea of having a dog in a medical facility. They made sure to always keep JoJo in a separate room until the patient request for the delightful dog.

“Her paw is always available to hold,” Lynne Ryan, a dental assistant. “One girl was having her teeth extracted and she just stroked JoJo’s ears the whole time.”

“We try not to surprise other children with her and keep her in a separate room. We understand some children are afraid of dogs and others have allergies,” said Dr. Tom Resnick. “Since JoJo only interacts with children who want her it has been nearly 100 percent successful.”

Besides the dentistry, JoJo also make trips to nursing homes and centers for people with disabilities. She was known for comforting victims and students at Sandy Hook Elementary School back in 2012. 

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