After Conjoined Twins Were Separated, Mom Holds One Alone For The First Time Ever

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Nicole McDonald had one of the most intense moments of her entire life this past week, when she finally got to hold what used to be, her conjoined twins, one of them alone for the first time, ever. Jadon, one of her children, was born conjoined to his twin brother at the top of their heads. The twins were successfully separated last week during a very dangerous and long 27 hour surgery in New York City.

After a week of recovery, Jadon was able to be held for 2 hours. His brother, Anias, has had a bit more issues with recovering from the surgery and isn’t yet ready to be held. “For over 13 months, I have dreamed of this exact moment” Nicole had written on her facebook, “I looked down at Jadon’s beautiful face and saw him in a whole new way, the feeling was absolutely amazing, the best feeling I’ve had in my entire life.” 

The twins’ surgery went viral, touching hearts of millions of people after news first reported their story. Craniopagus twins are so incredibly rare and without surgery, 80% of conjoined twins, don’t live past the age of two years old. But, the surgery is no guarantee, it’s only been successfully performed 59 times, ever in history. The McDonald family has raised $100,000 for the surgery, thanks to their ‘GoFundMe’ campaign, which the last time I checked, they received over $300,000 in donations. With both of the babies safely through their surgery, the family is now asking anyone who wants to continue to donate, to please donate to a different campaign for a young child who needs a kidney transplant. 

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