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There is no denying these miniature pigs are so cute! They are also known as teacup pigs. They are bred specifically to be a residential indoor companion, such as a dog or a cat. They have been all the rage for the past decade. People get them for therapy service animals and for house pets. They are surprisingly clean and tend to have a sweet personality. Many claim that miniature pigs grow to 20-80 lbs when fully grown. 

That leads us to the next subject. How long does a miniature pig stay miniature? According to breeders, you must strictly follow the specified diet for the mini. If you don't, your pig may turn into a real farm animal. Many miniature pigs don't stop growing for up to four years. this could mean that you have a pig that weighs over 100 lbs in your home. 

Another epidemic is that teacup pig owners are so surprised their pig did not stay miniature and they become overwhelmed. They then seek alternate homes for their once-little loved ones. But who's to blame them? They were promised a tiny pig and got a huge pig. That's definitely not suburban material! However, piggie-pets want to be loved too, so it isn't ideal to buy a pig and then give it away to a shelter. 

Well, let's not gloom and doom about the mini pig epidemic. These pigs in the video are adorable, fun and happy. Teacup piglets are friendly and full of personality (and appetite!). The best bet is to enjoy the love in the compilation. However, if you want a teacup yourself, do your research and perhaps even consider adopting. 

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