A Nun Run Soup Kitchen is Saved by Generous Donation From Tony Robbins

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The steep rent hikes in San Francisco are not spared on the do­gooders of the area. When rent was increased by nearly 60%, The Fraternite Sisters’ were faced with figuring out a way to keep the doors of their soup kitchen open to the many expectant homeless people that visit them daily. The biological sisters are nuns in the San Francisco area who have run the Fraternite Notre Dame Mary of Nazareth Soup Kitchen for the past eight years. The kitchen is in a high­crime section of the city and has been financed by the sole efforts of the sister nuns. The back of the kitchen serves as their sleeping quarters and they spend their weekends baking goods to sell to fund their project.

When the sisters were notified of the rent increase, they contacted a lawyer to see how they could prevent themselves from becoming two more of the many homeless people in the area. The lawyer notified them to continue to occupy the kitchen until they either got evicted or could figure something else else. With nowhere left to turn, they approached the media for help. A piece was published in the local publication, The Chronicle, and many fundraising efforts ensued. In just a few days, the ladies had raised about $10,000 (the equivalent of about two month’s rent). Though temporarily saved from eviction, this was not a long term solution.

When celebrity, Tony Robbins, heard of the hard times that the nuns had come upon, he flew to California to meet with the sisters and their lawyers. He intended to help them find a way to pay the rent of the space that increased from $3,465 to $5,000 virtually overnight. He played a part in a contract being signed between the nuns and the landlord that would allow the nuns to continue to run their kitchen at the locked in price of their current rent.

Tony Robbins, known for his tall stature and gleaming smile, donated $25,000 to the soup kitchen and has intentions of an equivalent donation in the next year to help them move locations. Tony’s history of facing adversity has lead him to donate millions to various foundations and organizations. Tony is working with the nuns on a potential bakery business to ensure a funnel of income to protect them against financial woes in the future.

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