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Nicole Curtis was born on August 20, 1975. She grew up in Lake Orion, Michigan and graduated from Lake Orion High School in 1994. Nicole grew up with her family owning a garbage business. She went to college in Florida, Michigan and Georgia. She is a single mom to two sons, Ethan is 18 years old and she has a newborn who is only one year old, Harper. She is the star of the hit HGTV show Rehab Addict. This show follows her as she renovates historic homes on a tight budget.

Curtis grew up idealizing her Grandparents, she grew up spending beautiful summers with them in Michigan. She then made a few mistakes by choosing to not attend college directly after high school and instead followed her then boyfriend to Tampa, Florida. Curtis struggled to pay bills and became a cleaning lady and a waitress in order to make ends meet. She had her first child, Ethan at only 21. Less than a year after Ethan was born the couple split up and Curtis was left as a single mother. Finally, in 2008 Curtis moved to Minneapolis to be with another boyfriend. (Do we notice a pattern here?) It was here that she discovered her love of real estate and began a career in that as well as renovating other properties on the side.

It was not until a local TV company approached her to be on the show Sweat Equity as a real estate expert. Curtis took the opportunity and parlayed in into an opportunity for her. She pitched a series of her own documenting how she restores old local houses that had been neglected. Eventually, the idea was sold to HGTV as Rehab Addict. The show became an instant success and propelled Curtis to super stardom. Her son, Ethan, became a regular on the show. After giving birth to her second child, Harper, she experienced difficulty with her then boyfriend, Maguire. There were questions about the paternity of the father. She is currently embroiled in an unfortunate custody battle with him to decide custody of their child.

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